Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Stroll

Hello everyone. Today was a fun day. We had a cookout and took a walk in the provo canyon. Caleb had fun walking his aunties dog Jake. Caleb loved running around and being loud.

Tagen went out on the walk too. She needed to get outside and enjoy the nice day.

Mallory, Chris and Shiloh joined us and they had fun watching Roxy jump in the water after her bumper. Caleb and Mallory found some cool snail shells.

Here are some pictures of our day...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Random Jibberish

Hello everyone. Chris and Mallory got here on monday. The are really excited about being here in Utah. Caleb is just loving the extra attention that he is getting from his auntie and uncle. Monday was a tough day at work. I woke up around 730am and I didn't get to take a nap before I went to work. Let me tell you I was tired as can be. I couldn't get a nap in at work(we can do that from time to time) and I was up till 9am Tuesday morning. I don't recommend being up for 24 hours, I didn't remember half of my drive home for I was so tired.

Madden 09 just came out so I am going to be spending lots of my free time playing it. (Madden 09 is a Football game)

Tagen made an awesome meal yesterday. She made an Enclilada Dish and it was very delicious. Kudos to her for that meal.

For anyone who doesn't know how to reply...Just click on the comments button under the post and then write your message. Its next to the little pencil.

Well enough jibberish I gotta get some sleep.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Baby Pics

Here are some ultra sound pictures that we got a few weeks ago. There are some 4-D Technology photos that show the details of the babys body. It is pretty cool. If you didn't know we are having a boy and he should be here by the begining of December.


I hope everyone is good. This is my first blog so bear with me. I hope to update daily so everyone can see how we are. Tagen will be posting too so I am sure she has interesting things to tell everyone about what Caleb did or what Roxy ate....

Today is a warm day here in Provo. We went to get my truck from the transmission shop(oh boy) had lunch at the mall and enjoyed some video games at the mall too. Caleb got himself a nerf shooting gun and loves it. The boy has about 4 thousand ticket credits to use.

Tagen is doing well she is taking care of the baby(Spongebob) in that tummy of hers. She will be going back to class in a few weeks. She is looking forward to it so she can get out of the house and get her education back on track.
Caleb has officially called the baby Spongebob, no we are not going to be naming the baby that.

I am doing well, I am enjoying the local truck driving position still. It has done me good. My health is good. I just seem to like eating.......Belly seems to be getting bigger!!!

Caleb is awesome. It is so fun watching him grow up. Everyday I go to work he asks me why I have to go and if I can stay home to play with him...Thats pretty hard to go to work when he does that too me. He is growing like a weed. He is sooo funny...He calls our name and he goes momma or daddy can I tell you....It is pretty funny. I guess you have to hear him.

Well come back and visit. I will be putting pictures up and posting more often.

We love all of you.

The Fleuters

Jim, Tagen, Caleb and Spongebob...And Roxy